Renditions No. 45 (Spring 1996) special issue on Eileen Chang

Renditions No. 45 (Spring 1996) special issue on Eileen Chang
ISSN: ISSN 0377-3515
Publication Date: 1996
No. of pages: 154 pp
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A polished writer and talented storyteller, Eileen Chang has been a strong influence on younger women writers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Her pictures of wartime, Shanghai and Hong Kong will be of special interest to readers. Illustrated with her own drawings and photographs.


Table of contents

6 Eileen Chang: A Chronology (compiled by Tam Pak Shan)
13 Reflections: Words and Pictures: excerpts (translated by Janice Wickeri)
25 Dream of Genius (translated by Karen Kingsbury)
28 What Is Essential Is That the Names Be Right (translated by Karen Kingsbury)
33 Intimate Words (translated by Janet Ng)
47 From the Ashes (translated by Oliver Stunt)
58 A Beating (translated by D.E. Pollard)
61 Love in a Fallen City (translated by Karen Kingsbury)
93 Shutdown (translated by Janet Ng with Janice Wickeri)
101 Great Felicity (translated by Janet Ng with Janice Wickeri)
112 Traces of Love (translated by Eva Hung)
129 HU LANCHENG: This Life, These Times: excerpts (translated by D.E. Pollard)
136 WNG XIAOMING: The "Good Fortune" of Eileen Chang (translated by
Cecile Chu-chin Sun)
141 LIM CHIN-CHOW: Reading "The Golden Cangue": Iron Boudoirs and Symbols of Oppressed Confucian Women (translated by Louise Edwards and Kam Louie)
150 Notes on Contributors
152 Books Received
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