Renditions No. 76 (Autumn 2011) special issue on Yang Jiang

Renditions No. 76 (Autumn 2011)  special issue on Yang Jiang
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Publication Date: 2011
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In celebration of Yang Jiang's centenary year, this special issue presents a sampling of words from Yang's eight-decade-long short stories, including new translations of some of her best essays and short stories, as well as excerpts from her first play Heart's Desire (1943), her memoirs, and her most recent book. Best known for her understated yet often humorous prose style, Yang Jiang is also an accomplished playwright and novelist, a prodigious translator, and an influential memoirist and intellectual who has come to be regarded b any as a paragon of modern Chinese humanism.


Table of contents

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‘To Thine Own Self Be True’: One Hundred Years of Yang Jiang
By Christopher G. Rea 
Heart’s Desire: Act I
Translated by Christopher G. Rea
What a Joke
Translated by Christopher G. Rea
On Qian Zhongshu and Fortress Besieged
Translated by Jesse Field
My Translations
Translated by Judith M. Amory and Yaohua Shi
We Three: Parts I and II
Translated by Jesse Field
Arriving at the Margins of Life: Answering My Own Questions: Excerpt
Translated by Jesse Field
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